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A virtual medical assistant chatbot that has personalized medical conversations with patients using their medical history.

MedWhat »

Pure Power Technologies

Pure Power Technologies is pioneering the next generation of clean engine control and emissions management solutions.

Pure Power Technologies »


SkySpecs deploys autonomous drones as an aerial workforce to conduct safe, affordable, and automated infrastructure inspections.

SkySpecs »


OXX® builds the World’s Toughest premium products for people who work and play outside.


PharmRight Corporation

Livi™ is a fully-automated, cloud-connected home medication dispensing system designed and developed by PharmRight.

PharmRight Corporation »

Theia Interactive

Theia Interactive is a startup creating immersive, interactive real-estate walkthrough simulations.

Theia Interactive »


KnipBio is creating sustainable, healthier fish through its advanced biotechnology.

KnipBio »


BeautyTouch is venture-backed stealth company in Boston, Massachusetts.

BeautyTouch »


The wristband that replaces keys and passwords.

Everykey »

CoolChip Technologies

CoolChip Technologies commercializes an innovative air-moving paradigm using kinetic cooling technologies for electronic cooling.

CoolChip Technologies »

Map My Beauty

Mobile platform with unique virtual makeup artist technology.

Map My Beauty »


Simple, beautiful scheduling. Say goodbye to email and phone tag for finding the perfect meeting time.

Calendly »


XOEye leverages wearable technology to facilitate managerial telepresence, remote employee training, remote diagnostics and quality control, and more.

XOEye »


Smart jewelry for a smarter generation.

Jewelbots »


Change habits with electric shock.

Pavlok »


Automotive Cyber Security company that delivers its innovative on-board security technology to manufacturers and aftermarket solution providers.

TowerSec »


IDENTILOCK™ by Sentinl represents a new and safe way to secure your weapon.

Sentinl »


Sensor-driven data analytics for water.

Sutro »


Plastc Card is the most intelligently designed, full-featured, and secure payment device on the market.

Plastc »


Bridgefy is a mobile messaging app that works without Internet or phone services.

Bridgefy »


TrackR enables you to find any lost item with your smart phone.

TrackR »

Eve Medical

Eve Medical provides women with an easy, reliable way to screen for the infection that causes cervical cancer.

Eve Medical »


Labdoor is a web and mobile app that provides product safety grading for pharmaceuticals, supplements and cosmetics.

Labdoor »

Vivid Vision

Vivid Vision is a virtual reality solution for vision therapy.

Vivid Vision »


Easiest way to order food and drinks from your phone. Preo allows users to browse and pay for items at their favorite bars, club, restaurants, and more.

Preo »


360º camera technology for everyone.

Bubl »


Illumitex is an industry-leading manufacturer of precision LEDs and LED lighting fixtures.

Illumitex »

Kiwi Wearables

Kiwi builds wearable technology products, which enable people to live happier and healthier lives.

Kiwi Wearables »


Learnmetrics connects disparate data sources and gives educators instant access to important data they need to drive outcomes for their students.

Learnmetrics »

Inside Social

Inside Social is the first conversion-driven digital word of mouth marketing platform.

Inside Social »


Stylekick is on a mission to make the online shopping experience more natural.

Stylekick »

Career Now Brands

Career Now Brands exposes the masses to unique skill-related training programs.

Career Now Brands »


CureLauncher matches people to clinical trials based on their unique conditions and goals.

CureLauncher »


Meditory is the maker of an Rx Label Scanner and proprietary software for the healthcare industry.

Meditory »


OwnThePlay is a creator and developer of gaming and gambling experiences. OwnThePlay’s first product is a digital mobile first fantasy sports platform.

OwnThePlay » transfroms gifts, cards, and craft projects into digital delights. »


LocoMobi is reinventing parking and transportation technology.

LocoMobi »

Clicktivated Video

Clicktivated Video is an interactive video technology that is changing the way companies monetize and further engage their audience.

Clicktivated Video »


BoostUp partners with top brands to help consumers save for life’s largest purchases.

BoostUp »


iRule is a centralized control system for your connected home devices.

iRule »